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Corporate Philosophy

ODM Company—Beyond OEM.

TOYO SHINYAKU is a company that manufactures products such as health foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals on consignment. We are not an OEM company, but a corporation that aims to be an advanced ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) company. Besides manufacturing consigned products as specifically requested, we also systematically propose everything from R&D of original ingredients, to devising product concepts, prescriptions, package designing, as well as sales promotion strategy after products are created. We are a manufacturing company that can create a complete design of new products and business.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) generally means manufacturing products under the brand names of companies on consignment according to the specifications provided by the purchasing companies.

In contrast, ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) means manufacturing products under the brand names of companies on consignment, which is the same as OEM, but thoroughly responsible for the whole operation from suggesting product concept and/or specifications to product manufacturing.

Preventive Medicine—at the center of global attention

Preventive medicine is the prevention of illness through efforts in daily diet to enhance our body’s ability for spontaneous cure, rather than dealing with an illness after becoming ill. This has now become the center of global attention and has been extensively researched. At TOYO SHINYAKU, we believe in preventive medicine and have worked to development and manufacturing of health foods to meet the needs of the times. Health foods are a resource for including preventive medicine and absorbing nature body strength in our daily life without great efforts needed. The concept of preventive medicine is constantly present in our ‘FOSHU’ (Food for Specified Health Use) business—which now leads the Japanese market—or at the base of our pharmaceutical business.

Original ingredients harnessing the power of nature

With our ambition to develop products with high originality, we have conducted research on ingredients right here within the company to create many original ingredients of our own. Many of such ingredients contain great amounts of nature elements that are believed to have beneficial effects (bioactivities) for the human body. Using natural elements found all over the world, we use the latest technology to enhance their effects and provide products with high added values.

Evidence is part of compliance

At TOYO SHINYAKU, we have based on compliance as an important factor in sustainable business management. We believe there is more to the meaning of ‘compliance' than simply ‘to follow the law.' In the health food and cosmetics markets where products of both superior and inferior quality mix, it is the responsibility of product manufacturers to guarantee true reassurance and safety to all client companies and consumers. With this as our credo, we consider the acquisition of evidence (scientific support that confirmed the validity and safety of our products) also as part of compliance, and we work to prove the effects of our products from an objective viewpoint through joint research work in collaboration with organizations in and outside of Japan, presenting our findings at academic conferences, submitting theses, among other efforts.

Ensuring the highest quality with reassurance and safety

The Tosu Factory—the production center of TOYO SHINYAKU—is operated with the utmost priority given to the management of quality and hygiene by obtaining the first NSF GMP(US standard certification for the adequate administration of the manufacturing, packaging, labeling, or holding operations for dietary supplements)as an
ODM company. Not only that, we have also acquired the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 certifications, providing a manufacturing environment equipped with systematic production facilities to handle everything from raw material control all the way to manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. We take a very serious stance on the entire manufacturing process.