Message from our President

Toshimitsu Hattori Representative Director

Toshimitsu Hattori

Focusing on Health and Beauty for the new era, we take evolutionary steps every day.

No matter how much the times change, there is an enduring need for health and beauty. To satisfy this need, which is shared by everyone in the world, TOYO SHINYAKU manufactures evidence-based and value-added products such as health foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals as an ODM company.

As a leading ODM company in the health foods and cosmetics industry, TOYO SHINYAKU is distinguished by its excellent research and development (R&D), quality control system, and factory equipment that meets global standards. Since our foundation, we have emphasized R&D and have provided products under a strict manufacturing and quality control system, positioning the pursuit of product quality as a top-priority concept. Our efforts to provide high-quality and user-friendly products have also contributed to erasing the lingering doubts some people might have had about the health foods/cosmetics industry in the old days and the vague suspicions they may have held about the effects and safety of its products. As a result of our efforts, we proudly believe we have positively influenced the industry as a whole to accelerate its reconstruction and expand the market scale.

TOYO SHINYAKU will constantly pursue ultimate and beyond-the-stereotype value—HIGH-END VALUE—in every aspect of products, support, and evidence so as to offer a wide range of options for health and beauty to people all over the world, and will strive to prove worthy of people’s expectations and trust as an ODEM (ODM&OEM)company.

Toshimitsu Hattori Representative Director