Health Foods Business

Our original, high functional health foods

We propose high quality, high value-added, and a wide range of health foods based on the two pillars, the evidence based on the research and development capability over raw materials to products and the differentiation based on the total consulting capability over product planning to sales promotion.

We support our clients at every step. individually and totally.

Our supporting system

Our supporting system Our supporting system

Example proposals

Business strategy planning Planning and development of new products
Planning of sales strategy of products and raw materials.
support for sales promotion, and support for exploitation of sales channels
rienewal of products and raw materials. establishment of brands Utilization of clients
raw materials


Our first step is to listen to your requests and strategies. Based on the information we obtain from them, we then propose business and marketing plans.

2.Product planning & design

Product planning and design

We examine products specifications from various aspects, such as taste, texture, functionality, and originality. We also propose the naming and package design. While we seek to enhance the added values and appeal power, we also pay great attention to product designing that considers also cost, stability, and other important aspects.

3.Proposal of product name

Product name is an important factor that determines the sales of the product as it clearly indicates the consumer benefit of the product. We propose names with strong appeal based on the factor. We propose names with strong appeal in the light of the client’s brand concept, product concept, and desired healthy image.

4.Package designing

Package designing

Package designing requires great expertness such as expression techniques to skirt the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law, along with the development of health, beauty, and functionality images. At TOYO SHINYAKU, we have a specialized department on package designing, to optimize the product appeal according to the product category, target consumers, and sales channels.
Also, the shape, size, and material of the package need to be determined with consideration for the functionality to avoid deterioration of the content, adaptability to the production line, and durability for the package to be delivered to consumers without any stain or damage.
As TOYO SHINYAKU has our own factories, where the prototype production and mass production are available, we are able to ensure the functionality and product line adaptability at early stages. We also conduct delivery test on all products to ensure the durability.

5.Legal support

In addition to the risk of names or formulation technique being imitated by competitors, we manage the risk of your violation of other company’s rights.



Under a strict quality control system, we are continuously producing ingredients from raw materials, preparing granules and tablets and even packaging at our factory.

7.Quality assurance

Quality assurance

We believe that the safety and efficacy are required to be ensured for the health foods.
Tosu Factory obtained the first NSF GMP(US standard certification for the adequate administration of the manufacturing, packaging, labeling, or holding operations for dietary supplements.) as comprehensive contract manufacturer and have also obtained the ISO9001-2008 and ISO22000-2005 certifications. We improve the production environment from the hardware aspect including facilities made of 100% stainless steel, air showers, and atmospheric pressure management, as well as setting the strict standard on the software side. Raw materials are lot controlled from the purchasing stage to ensure its traceability, and all products are inspected for foreign matter after packing.

8.Support for sales promotion

We support comprehensively for “the construction of a mechanism to sell product” including planning sales strategy such as sales channel selection, sales system establishment, and distribution route expansion, and communications such as point-of-sale promotion, promotion material creation, advertisement and publication, also training for sales staff and creation of sales manual.