Cosmetics Business

Developing original cosmetics with high functionality and an enriching sense of fulfillment.
Creating a brand that appeals to your target market

When it comes to cosmetics, a branding that can satisfy users is also important. In order to establish a concept that suits the targeted user, we have a staff of people experienced in cosmetics branding to work with you to come up with an overall strategy that covers the naming, packaging, product lineup, sales methods, communication methods, and other aspects.
In addition, we will put our efforts to differentiate the product and improve its functionality using our original raw materials, and jointly commercialize a health food with a cosmetic product for their potential synergistic effects, and enhance a line-up of beauty from inside and outside products. TOYO SHINYAKU responds to the requests from our client companies with planning ability, and production system and services that ensure the stability and high quality of our products.

Our supporting system

Our supporting system Our supporting system

Examples of proposed products


  • Skin lotions
  • Emulsions
  • Creams
  • Essences

Hair care

  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Hair tonics

Other products

  • Foundations
  • Make-up bases
  • Mouthwashes
  • Bathing salts
  • Quasi-drugs



Products should be the result of materialization of your brand concept, and also should be able to provide fully satisfaction to the target consumers psychologically and functionally. Therefore, the needed strategy varies depending on such as the positioning of the brand, target market, competitors, and price settings. TOYO SHINYAKU develops a product incorporating our company’s technology and know-how into each process, including the “name” that is the brand itself, and “formulation” that determine the functionality and usability, and “package” with consideration for image/color tone, and photogenic effects.



To win the hearts and minds of the target consumers, along with moisture richness, permeability, and the functionalities such as reduction and prevention of wrinkles and flecks, the textures such as the feeling of applying it on skin or the feel of the product are vitally important. We realize the usage feeling and stability you desire, from various textures such as moist, refreshed, or smooth, to the composition of our original materials or the variation of colors and aromas.

3.Product design

Product design

Great package is essential to ferment the brand image and maintain the quality. Also, the trend cannot be ignored. TOYO SHINYAKU is able to manufacture products applying to the various forms such as bottles, tubes, and pots, and also, as we have our own designing department we are able to propose the package that deeply reflects brand concept and product characters.

4.Rigorous quality check on all products

Rigorous quality check on all products

To maintain the optimized feeling of using for a long time and eliminate the causes of complaint and/or returning of products, we conduct rigorous quality check such as stability test, package test, and delivery test, on every product before its first production. In regard to the stability test, we repeat the test many times with wide amplitude of temperature, and make sure that the products will not be affected even under the severe conditions. In regard to the package test, we strictly check on the melting of contents, etc. and ensure the safety. In regard to the delivery test, we actually deriver the product to the consignee and check such as the damage on the packages, leakage of the content, and durability of the outer package.

5.Sales strategy

We propose, from the early stage of the product development, the marketing methods corresponding to various sales channels including mail-order sale, door-to-door sale, and over-the-counter sale, and sales promotions, etc. that conform to the brand strategies. We are also willing to provide the services such as marketing tool creation or staff training.


Communication in the form of advertisement, leaflet, or other will give target consumers experience of brand’s view of the world, and bring products and target consumers closer. TOYO SHINYAKU has a creative-specialized department, and develops copies and visuals that succinctly represent the brand concept, cooperating with our Cosmetic Business Department.

7.Support product renewals and expansion of product line up

As time goes by, the needs of target consumers will be changing. We may need to alter the products to fit the target needs. TOYO SHINYAKU also supports the company who considers minor changes of their products. Furthermore, we are willing to consult with you regarding expansion of the product line-up, renewal of product or package, and review of communication strategies.